Apex High School, Wake County, NC

  • Connectivity Description:
    • At or close to one in-school device per student.
    • Adequate WiFi AP.
    • Students don’t have option to take devices home.
  • Challenges:
    • Faster distribution to students to provide more content opportunities.
    • Less “downtime” and more time on task.
    • More personalized learning options.
  • Ashley White: Teacher, Apex High School, Wake County, NC
    • Comments to the FCC in the E-Rate Modernization proceedings:
      “The speed of URcast is significantly faster. The longest part of the process is having the students’ turn-on the tablets (URcast from the student point of view is almost instant).” and “Recently, my lesson plans called for a video while students took notes. Instead, I assigned the tablets to the students and they watched the video at their own pace. The amount of time on task was incredible. Students were engaged and not distracted because of the personal control. By delivering the information in the new format, students were able to spend more time on-task. The idea that they got to control the video (pause, rewind) meant that their notes improved.”
  • Students, Apex High School, Wake County, NC
    • “A few examples of what I enjoyed about using URcast is that the documents and videos load almost instantly. Also, the videos never stop to ‘buffer’.”
    • “I like that there is no buffering and it’s very fast.”
    • “It allows me to work at my own pace and easily complete tasks.”
    • URcast downloads more and quicker information than the alternative.”