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WVNET now offers caching services

WVNET is offering a new teacher technology called caching.  Caching speeds student Internet access so classroom time is learning time, not waiting time.  Students can view cached content without an Internet connection anywhere they have their computer; at home, on the bus or in the car.

Caching Services are E-Rate Eligible!

The FCC has made caching services eligible for E-Rate funding for the first time ever in 2015.  For the state of West Virginia, this means that 75% of the cost of these services will be subsidized by the federal government.

We can help you make the digital transition today!

Technical Benefits:

  • Immediate Bandwidth Increase
  • Little or no maintenance once installed
  • Reduces need for future WAN and LAN expenditures
  • Creates lower-cost content options
  • Facilitates the flipped classroom

Options Available:

  • School Only Model
  • Hosted Model
  • Managed Model
  • Enterprise Model
  • Backup Services
  • Student Response Channel

CONTACT US: (Cory Morrison)
Phone: 304-293-5192 x250
Email: urcast_mail@mail.wvnet.edu