WVNET Mourns Loss of Our Director Allen Daugherty

On December 11 2018 our beloved director Allen Daugherty passed away due to complications from a heart transplant. It is a terrible loss for us, and our hearts go out to his family.

Allen Daugherty had a long history as a key member of WVNET’s staff. He was part of the original staff when WVNET started in 1977, working as a Programmer/Analyst. Through the years Allen advanced through the ranks of systems programmers, becoming increasingly involved in communications technology. He eventually became Manager of Telecommunications and played a major role in designing and maintaining WVNET’s state-wide educational network. In 2012 WVNET got a new Director – Judge Dan O’Hanlon, who appointed Allen as Deputy Director. Dan and Allen worked to build new futures for WVNET including Distance Learning and Media Services. They transformed the state-wide network into a modern fiber-optic ring that provides increased bandwidth and reliability at a lower cost to educational institutions in West Virginia. Allen had a heart attack in 2017, but managed to return to his life thanks to an LVAD (heart assist device). In the past year he disseminated many of his duties to other WVNET staff members and became WVNET’s Director. In September he accepted a heart transplant and unfortunately passed away due to complications following that procedure.

Allen’s passing is a profound loss for WVNET as well as countless people in West Virginia and elsewhere who were served by his expertise and dedication. He will be greatly missed, and never forgotten.

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