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URcast is your network. You decide what content goes on your network. From your computer you can send almost any type of content, including video, audio, documents, text, and PDFs. Your URcast network can be configured so you can create and send content from home or wherever you have an internet connection.

When you send a lesson, your URcast network automatically delivers it to your student’s device. Students no longer need to spend time accessing, streaming, or downloading from the internet. Your lesson’s content is already loaded into each student’s device so there is no waiting. And you decide how long each lesson stays on your student’s device. If your students can take their device home from school, your lesson’s content can be accessed anywhere, even if they have no internet connection.

Digital Learning Day at Mount Vernon Elementary, Barbour County

Credit to Alex Hines, reporter for WBOY with authoring this story.

URcast had an immediate positive impact on our digital network. There was no need for increase in bandwidth, WAN or internal WiFi connectivity. Caching sped learning resource and Internet content delivery time dramatically, eliminating web access time and allowing more time for learning. We’ll be able to reduce future learning resource costs (text books, work books, and copies.

~ Mount Vernon Elementary, Barbour County, WV

We can help you make the digital transition today!

Technical Benefits:

  • Immediate Bandwidth Increase
  • Little or no maintenance once installed
  • Reduces need for future WAN and LAN expenditures
  • Creates lower-cost content options
  • Facilitates the flipped classroom

Options Available:

  • School Only Model
  • Hosted Model
  • Managed Model
  • Enterprise Model
  • Backup Services
  • Student Response Channel

For details on how to get started with URcast, please contact:

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