WVNET Conference Registration and Management System

WVNET’s Conference Registration and Management System provides many functions needed to manage events that include registrations, items, sessions and schedules. It is well suited to work with everything from small training sessions to large conferences. Configured access levels allow multiple conference workers to manage appropriate aspects of the event, and all work automatically integrates with web pages, calendars and programs.

The system’s capabilities include:

  • Attendee and Vendor on-line registration
  • Editor to add/delete/modify/duplicate registrations
  • Item editor to add/modify/delete items
  • Conference session editor and viewer
  • Interactive conference calendar
  • Summary of conference registrations and selected items
  • Configurable list of conference registrations
  • Detailed information about any conference registration
  • Business interface to process payments, generate invoices, accept or reject registrations
  • Email notifications for registration submitted/accepted/rejected and invoices
  • Content Management to maintain web pages and activate/deactivate menu selections
  • Registration History graph
  • Session Management – Gather session abstracts, vote on sessions, schedule sessions in time slots and rooms.
  • Custom Report Generator
  • Registration Badge Maker
  • Conference Program generator
  • Administrative management – add/modify/delete administrator and privileges
  • Audit trail of all administrative and user access
  • User accessible calendar, session, status and other information
  • Password protected access
  • Conference countdown

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The Conference Registration and Management System is available as a subscribed service from WVNET.

For more information please contact our Business Office.