We all know how important it is to backup our files on a regular basis – disk drives fail, we make mistakes, programs don’t always do what we think they will, lightning strikes!

When was the last time you took a backup of your PC?

If you are running a server, how long does it take to back up or restore your files? How long would it take to recreate the files or programs on your disk that took weeks, months, or even years to develop? Now there is a reliable, convenient backup/archive service that eliminates that concern.

WVNET offers automated data backup services for your PC, workstation, or server using IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).

Your backups can be scheduled automatically or can be done manually, over the network — no diskettes or tapes required! You can restore whatever backed up files you wish, whenever you wish. Backup copies are kept off-site from your location, and multiple copies can be stored. Backups and restores are fast, convenient, and secure. You and your department can relax knowing your important data files are safely stored away and can be recovered in a matter of minutes when you need them.

When you erase a file from your system, TSM keeps its copy of that file for sixty more days, in case you decide that you need it after all. When you change a file on your computer, TSM backs up the new version the next time you run a backup, but it also retains its old copy of the file.

WVNET administers the TSM and its associated disk and tape storage, and it provides client software and usage reports to our users. TSM consulting assistance is available from the WVNET Help Desk. Monthly fees for this service are based on the requested class of service and amount of data you store through TSM.

TSM is a proven product in our environment. We’ve used it at WVNET to backup PCs and servers for years. With TSM, standalone PCs, Mac, or servers (for instance, Windows, Unix, Linux, NetWare) are backed up regularly, and a failed hard drive will no longer send people screaming through the halls in terror. Our Unix servers took hours to backup to 8mm tape, and a simple restore of a single user file could easily take half a day. With TSM, backups take minutes instead of hours, and a user’s file can be restored in a few minutes.

Now you, too, can take advantage of this easy to use, work-saving tool – and maybe even save your sanity!