WVNET is the West Virginia Network, a dynamic service organization providing telecommunications and computing services within West Virginia. WVNET was created in 1975 to provide central computing facilities and wide-area network communications linking its “central site” computing resources in Morgantown with the campus computing systems at most of the colleges and universities throughout the state.

In accordance with Senate Bill 653 (PDF), effective July 1, 2000, WVNET reports to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (WVHEPC).

The WVNET Policy Board serves as the final clearinghouse for problem resolution, oversight, direction and policy issues, and provides a flexible and dynamic policy and planning structure to support a broad clientele base for the future.

In November 1998 the Governor’s Office of Technology issued Operational Directive 9901, which extended WVNET’s range of responsibilities to include a major management, control, and support role for the emerging unified state network. WVNET is transitioning to expand its impact by offering services to State government, K-12, public libraries and county government. As a centralized state resource, WVNET reacts to customer needs by providing efficient and cost-effective deployment of technology, services and support.

In 2004 Senate Bill No. 448 provided that the vice chancellor for administration shall establish a Computer Advisory Board , which shall be representative of higher education and other users of WVNET as the commission and council determine appropriate. The CAB is responsible for serving as a first-level sounding board concerning WVNET’s operation and its future.

The Strategic Plan which provides a framework for the future development of the West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing (WVNET) for Fiscal Years 2012-2015 is available for viewing online. This document presents the history of WVNET; describes its current service areas; states the mission, vision and objectives; and discusses the goals established in support of those objectives by each department.

Additional information our mission, goals and governance is provided in WVNET’s Governance policy.