Security Hints + Tips — Pretexting

Pretexting is when the bad guys create a false scenario using a made-up identity or pose as someone you know. They can even pose as employees of bank or credit card companies to manipulate you into divulging personal or sensitive information. How it Works: Common Tactics of InfluenceThe bad guys will try to persuade you into giving them sensitive information. Oftentimes, the information that they need is not specific to your organization. Below are examples of two common tactics used to influence victims in pretexting scenarios: Pretexting with AuthorityYou receive a call at work from someone demanding immediate assistance. They…

Security Hints + Tips

Don’t Be Fooled by Workspace Tools Many organizations use platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, or Zoom to stay connected. Unfortunately, these trusted communication tools can lead to a false sense of security. Just like with traditional email, bad guys can use these platforms to launch a cyber attack. Below are three examples of how cybercriminals use these platforms for phishing—and what you can do to keep your organization safe Lurking Recently, a cybercriminal gained access to an organization’s Microsoft Teams channel, which is similar to a group message or a chat room. The scammer lurked in the channel…

Chris Freeman

Since December 1998, Chris has been an integral part of the WVNET Telecommunications Department. Initially stepping in as the primary field technician, Chris has journeyed to every county courthouse and college campus that WVNET has ever supported. His hands-on experience is vast: from installing modem chassis, routers, and switches to maintaining an array of communication equipment.

WVNET Trivia

Have some fun with WVNET on National Trivia Day!

Verne Britton

Verne joined us in September 1985 and since then provided more than 36 years of service to the improvement of computational infrastructure for educational institutions in West Virginia.

Barbara Long

Barbara has more than 30 years of experience as a technology professional, working to drive transformation in West Virginia’s higher education and spur adoption of Ellucian’s DegreeWorks degree audit solution.

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