To reach an employee by phone, dial 304.293.5192 + the extension below.

Ext. First Name Last Name Position
50470 Michael McDonald Lead Systems Administrator
50489 Steven White Systems Group Manager
50473 Cory Morrison Distance Learning GUI Specialist
50468 Ben Mays Systems Programmer - Lead
50456 Chris Freeman Data Center Team Lead
50483 Phil Snitz Manager of Business Operations
50450 Jason Chastain Telecommunications Supervisor
50487 Elizabeth Vehse Editorial Assistant
50472 Donna Meadowcroft Chief Financial Officer
50451 Libby Cress Accounting Assistant II
50446 Verne Britton Systems Programmer - Lead
50480 Abby Sisler Graphic Arts Technician
50449 Robert Burton Systems Administrator - Lead
50448 Eric Burgy Telecommunications Manager
50476 Suma Ponnam Information Specialist
50457 Harmony Garletts Manager of Client Services
50453 Chevee Dodd Project Manager for IT and Application Development
50482 Zackery Smith Network Operator
50479 Chris Seckman Network Operator
50484 Charles Stevens Network Operator
50474 Blaine Murphy Information Systems Specialist
50461 Nathan Justice Telecommunications Network Specialist I
50486 George Tilko Administrative Applications Software Specialist - Senior
50459 Scott Hofer Database Administrator - Senior
50481 Dianne Sisler Banner Team Lead
50465 Barbara Long DegreeWorks Team Lead
50460 Kim Jenkins Supervisor - NOC
50455 James Farley Database Administrator Team Lead
50469 Russell McCormack Software Developer/DBA
50462 Alexander Keefover Instructional Designer
50471 Adam McKeown Web Assistant
50452 Anita Davis HR Manager
50445 Sarah Barnes Supervisor of Development
50477 Carl Powell Director
50464 Edward Leonard Database Administrator
50463 Gustavo Keener Database Administrator
50485 Kathy Stucklen Network Operator
50454 Stephen Doll System Administrator
50467 Annaliza Marks Programmer Analyst - Banner Finance
50458 Tiffany Goff Executive Administrative Assistant
50447 Lisa Bridges Web Developer
50475 Kevin Northcraft Network Operator
50466 Charles Longwell Network Operator
50478 Jake Rakosky Telecom Network Specialist II
50444 Kyle Atkins Network Operator