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WVNET Connects West Virginia to the World


WVNET powers organizations and institutions in every corner of West Virginia.

Every West Virginian –– in every county, every community, and every home –– benefits from the work of the West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing (WVNET).

WVNET connects K-12 schools, higher educational institutions, libraries, state and county government, and various not-for-profits to the Internet and the rest of the world through our state-of-the-art network and telecommunications expertise.

Our team of dedicated IT professionals provide guidance and training to educators and staff in higher education and K-12 schools. Our research and development of software, tools, and systems address problems and tackle challenges that are unique to West Virginia’s public institutions and not-for- profits.


WVNET’s statewide services are used throughout West Virginia in higher education, K-12 schools, state and county government, and non-profits.

High-speed internet connectivity to every school, library, county courthouse, and state organization

Web and mobile design and development

Domain name registration and management

Information security and firewall protection

Disaster recovery services

Email hosting and administration

Virus and spam filtering for email

Email list management (LISTSERV®)

Conference planning and management services

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