Our Mission

West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing (WVNET) is a dynamic service organization providing telecommunications and computing services within West Virginia. Currently focused on state colleges and universities and administered by these entities, WVNET is transitioning to expand its impact by offering services to state government, K-12, public libraries and county government. As a centralized state resource, WVNET reacts to customer needs in providing efficient and cost-effective deployment of technology, training and support.

Our Vision

WVNET is a centralized resource taking the lead in providing quality technology services and support to the citizens of West Virginia. WVNET supports and promotes the missions of its member institutions by providing telecommunications capabilities and enhanced access to resources and programs for their supported communities. WVNET will provide such access through the effective use of the appropriate information technology networks at a cost affordable to its users.

Our Values

WVNET values excellence, leadership, partnerships, quality of service, a focus on customer needs, expertise in technology futures and deployment, communications with member organizations, professional development, change and change management, and flexibility in both service offerings and governance to meet its mission.

Our Goals

  • Support an information superhighway within the state of West Virginia. Connect WV information superhighway to networks within the National Information Infrastructure.
  • Serve as an information technology center for the colleges, universities, K-12 and government in WV to promote the use of information technology throughout WV.
  • Monitor the purchasing and supporting hardware, software, and information technology services in a cost-effective manner, and within the framework of a cooperative association with its members.
  • Ensure and promote that professional knowledge base among all WVNET agencies and central staff by encouraging professional development, providing training opportunities and literature.

2021 WV Network Booklet

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