WVNET offers a wide variety of services to enhance your institution’s technological capabilities:

ADA Compliance

Is your website and digital content up-to-date with the latest WCAG compliance standards? Find out more about how our team can help save you money and prevent headaches from costly legal troubles.

Hi-Speed Internet

Providing data communications services to a wide variety of West Virginia institutions, WVNET currently offers high-speed connections via either Frame Relay or Carrier Ethernet. Contact us to find out more!


Do you need to have an on-going email discussion with a group of people, where each person’s comments are sent to every person in the group? WVNET affiliates can register for L-Soft’s Listserv discussion list service and start saving time and money today!

Virus/Spam Filtering

It is estimated that between 1% and 2% of all email is infected with a virus. Trust WVNET to protect you against these invaders by utilizing our proven methods of filtering, and save the hassle and headache from the start!

Web Design & Development

WVNET can help you create a new, powerful online presence that produces real results.

Web Hosting

WVNET offers several levels of web hosting and can scale those services to fit your needs.