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  • WVOT Planned Power Outage
    UPDATE 04/05/2024 at 10:00 PM: WVOT has completed the physical UPS installation. Network connectivity has been restored and additional agency services are continuing to come back online.
  • Security Hints + Tips
    Don’t Be Fooled by Workspace Tools Many organizations use platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google
  • RESOLVED: Circuit Provider Outage impacting network in parts of WV
    UPDATE 3/9 7:47 AM: AEP successfully completed repairs and all circuits were active by approximately 11:00 PM 03/08/2024. A 2000-foot section of cable needed to be replaced in a rural area of WV that required technicians to physically climb poles and use tents for splicing instead of typically utilized machinery. The repair efforts impacted multiple circuit providers beyond those we utilize but all current operations have returned to normal. If you continue to experience issues, please contact the WVNET Help Desk for assistance.
  • WV Office of Technology Maintenance
    The State of WV Office of Technology will be performing emergency maintenance on the UPS that powers the Data Center at the Capitol Campus Building 6 Room B110. This maintenance will be performed on 07 March 2023 after 1:00 PM. While loss of power is not expected to happen, there is a potential for this to occur that may affect connectivity for some customers. Please contact the WVNET Help Desk if you experience any issues.
  • Our Winter 2024 Newsletter
    In This Issue WVNET Offices Closed Washington’s Birthday – February 19, 2024 For over 45
  • Chris Freeman
    Since December 1998, Chris has been an integral part of the WVNET Telecommunications Department. Initially stepping in as the primary field technician, Chris has journeyed to every county courthouse and college campus that WVNET has ever supported. His hands-on experience is vast: from installing modem chassis, routers, and switches to maintaining an array of communication equipment.

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