Welcome to West Virginia Network! Please find details of our current Schedule of Rates below.

Virus/Spam Filtering

< 200 accounts$1,000 per year
200 - 8000 accounts$1,500 per year + $1.00 per account per year
> 8000 accountsNegotiable

Please see WVNET’s Virus/Spam Filtering page for more details.

Internet Access and E-mail

Statewide Internet Communications Links
Internet Access Fee$4.89/MB/month
POP E-mail Account$2.00/month/account

Includes virus and spam filtering and personal web space. Individuals billed annually.

Enterprise mail services come with IMAP and Web based access including virus and spam filtering. The web interface can be branded with the institution’s logo, etc.


WVNET is proud to provide LISTSERV® service, the industry standard email list management software. This takes the hassle out of your email communication by managing all of your subscriptions, sign-offs, and bounces with email best practices. Management can be done from a web browser or by issuing commands directly to the list through email, for both list owners and subscribers. WVNET also provides documentation and additional support through our OZ ticketing system, our Network Operation Center staff, and LISTSERV® administration staff for those difficult to resolve issues.


The pricing structure below is for each separate listserv®.
Initial Setup Fee$25 (one-time)
SubscribersCost (per year)
< 100Free
100 - 500$25
501 - 1000$50
1001 - 2500$75
2501 - 5000$100
> 5000$150
If you would like to create a LISTSERV® list or if you have any questions, please contact our Network Operations Center (NOC) at 304.293.5192 ext. 248 or wvn-operations-l@listserv.wvnet.edu.

Caching Services (URcast Pricing)

Base Services
Student Cost$5.95/student per year
Initial Setup Cost & Training

Including but not limited to:

  • VM setup and configuration

  • Server setup and configuration (LAN and/or WAN)

  • Gateway setup and configuration

*Please note: Additional costs will be reimbursed to WVNET for mileage, meals and lodging. These costs will not exceed the current state limits for consulting and training.
Helpdesk Teacher & Student Support$1,000
Optional/Additional Services
Standardized Test Caching$1.50/student per year (when available)
Managed Services$180/year
Hosting Services$180/year
Remote Monitoring$180/year
Backup Services$180/year
Fast Hardware Replacement (Caching Server & Appliances only)

OZ Problem Management

Customized OZ Problem Management System
Institution Setup$600
No. of SupportersMonthly Fee
1 - 5$100
6 - 15$150
16 - 25$200
26 - 50$250
51 - 99$300
> 100$300 + $2.00/supporter over 100

Address Cleansing

Unlimited local address cleansing
Includes processing time, setup procedures, consulting costs$500/year

Loading cleansed addresses back into Banner is included.
Address data from any source can be cleansed.
Additional charges for change of address and suppression services
Local (WVNET) cleansing services$4.75 per 1000 records
Remote (NCOA) cleansing services$7.25 per 1000 records
Suppression services optionalContact for pricing

Backup Services

Tivoli Storage Management Remote Backups
Minimum Monthly Charge$15 per month
Per GB$0.25/month

30 day free trial available.

Please see WVNET’s Remote Backup page for more information.

Conference Management

Conference Management Software, Consulting, Support
Cost based on requirements

Various levels of customization of web-based conference management software developed at WVNET is available for conference registration and secure payment, session scheduling, building programs and proceedings, etc. Also available is assistance with conference management, such as working with vendors, arranging sponsorships, room scheduling, etc. Call to discuss your requirements.

Blackboard 9 Hosting

WVNET Blackboard Hosting Features w/ Premium Support
Secure Data Center
24/7 Network Security Monitoring
24-hour Operations staff
Course Archiving24 months
Storage in GB1000Overages billed at standard storage charges
Shared Test System/SandboxShared by all Bb Learn 9 hosted customers
Production SystemFor Course Delivery
Streaming Media (MEDIAL)*Includes Big Blue Button and a Terabyte of additional media storage.*
System troubleshootingOutages/defects
System administrator training and extended troubleshooting*Up to 30 hrs per term
Instructional design and course migration support*Up to 30 hrs per termAdditional support at published rates**
Building blocks*2 building blocks installed per termAdditional support at published rates**
Banner SIS integration* (hosted at WVNET)Up to 20 hoursAdditional support at published rates**
Banner SIS integration* (not hosted at WVNET)Up to 20 hoursAdditional support at published rates**
Student and Faculty 24/7 HelpDesk***Assistance available by phone, web, or e-mail

Integrating Blackboard with Banner
For institutions hosting Blackboard at WVNET$3,600/year
For institutions not hosting Blackboard at WVNET$4,608/year

* Big Blue Button and MEDIAL Streaming Media are part of the Digital Learning Resource Package (DLR), an a la carte Support.

** Published consulting rates currently $85/hour. Course migration assistance from other LMS software not included in basic support, but can be arranged at the hourly rate. If additional assistance is required due to volume of services, increased rates may apply.

*** Faculty HelpDesk does not include assistance in designing courses. Some faculty support services may not be available after normal business hours unless prior arrangements are made. Blackboard software maintenance is not included.

Multimedia Conferencing

Video Conferencing

WV Higher Education Institutions and State Agencies
Point-to-Point Multiple Conference Unit (MCU)$0.25/port per minute
Gatekeeper Policy Management Updates$5.00
Off Net Charges$0.25/port per minute

Audio/Web Conferencing

Audio Conferencing$0.06/minute
Web Conferencing$0.14/minute

Please contact the WVNET HelpDesk at 1-800-253-1558 for more information and to setup an account.

BigBlueButton Web Conferencing

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system that allows customers to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students. Some, but not all, features are:

  • The ability to record lectures
  • Annotate a presentation
  • Share your desktop for students to see
  • Use a webcam and microphone for interactive discussions
  • Upload and page through documents such as Powerpoint and PDF
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Polling
  • Chat
In addition to the features listed above, any number of users can join your room and your sessions can be recorded live, shared, and played back at any time.
If you have any further questions regarding BigBlueButton as a stand-alone service, please contact us at bigbluebutton@mail.wvnet.edu.
BigBlueButton as a standalone service$2/month per user + storage at $0.20/GB

Web Hosting

WVNET offers three distinct tiers of options when it comes to your Web Hosting needs. Please see the chart below for details.

Love our support but don’t need the hosting? Not a problem! WVNET can provide our legendary 24/7 support for your website, even if you don’t host it with us. The cost of this service is negotiated based on our assessment of the time and effort required. Call today for a quote!

Unlimited Disk Space1
Shared Hosting
Dedicated Virtual Machine
Site Install/CMS Configuration2
Content Migration3up to 5 pagesup to 10 pagesup to 20 pages
WVNET Sub-domain
Custom Domain3
Removal of WVNET Branding
Daily Backups
Unrestricted Cloud Storage
Regular CMS/Plugin Updates4
FTP Access
24/7 HelpDesk
Annual Billing Option
ADA Compliance Audit (Sec. 508)
Technical Handoff + Training
Optimum Speed + Performance

1 Subject to Acceptable Use Policy
2 Currently supporting WordPress, Drupal
3 Additional fees may apply
4 Supported CMS/Plugins only

Domain Name Procurement & Management

WVNET can acquire and manage domain names. We obtain domain names and handle the setup and management in a DNS server, connecting your domain name with web, email and other services. Once it is in place, we can help you to keep your domain name renewed each year and make changes as needed

Prices for domain names vary, but on average
.gov domains$400
.edu domains$40
.com, .org, .net, etc. domainstypically $20 or less

Note: .gov and .edu domains require documentation to verify your eligibility.

For non .gov/.edu domain names we acquire, there is a $50 one-time surcharge. For .gov/.edu domain names, we charge our standard consulting rate for setup.

If we manage the domain for you, there is a $25 management fee plus domain name renewal cost for each subsequent year.

Website Development & Support

Our dedicated developers and UI/UX experts can work with you on your website design, development, or website support needs. We can assist your organization or institution in creating a new site or simply helping you manage your current website.

With over 20 years of experience in the web design and development field, WVNET’s developers incorporate industry-standard best practices that are W3C compliant and meet ADA Section 508 Accessibility requirements.

Contact us today for more information.

Clone an existing site into WordPress*up to 5 pages$500
up to 10 pages$1250
up to 25 pages$2250
more than 25 pagesCustom Quote
Custom Website Design*$1000 and up
removal of WVNET branding+ $150
Custom Logow/ attribution$1000
unrestricted use$1500

* Does not include hosting; please refer to our Web Hosting rates for details.

Digital Learning Resource Packages

The following services can be integrated with a WVNET-hosted LMS:

MEDIAL (formerly known as HELIX Media Library)

MEDIAL is a streaming server that can easily be integrated with a WVNET-hosted LMS, web site or other application. A web-based interface provides the tools to upload your video and enhance it with other media and descriptive text. The streaming video can then be embedded in a web page or one of WVNET’s Learning Management Systems.


Big Blue Button is an open source web conferencing system that allows customers to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students. This provides the ability to record lectures, annotate a presentation, share your desktop for students to see, use VOIP for interactive discussions, integrate a web cam display and include uploaded documents.

The Digital Learning Resource Package includes 1TB of reliable network storage. Your videos are stored in WVNET’s secure data center. If your storage needs exceed 1TB, you can grow your storage allocation without any impact on your content or availability.

Digital Learning Resource Package$11,050/year
This package includes MEDIAL, Big Blue Button, and 1TB of storage.
MEDIAL + 1TB of storage$6,500/year
Big Blue Button + 1TB of storage$6,500/year

Big Blue Button may also be used as a stand-alone service independent of a WVNET-hosted LMS. See “Multimedia Conferencing” for more information.

Co-Location & Hosting Services

For all co-location and hosting services listed below (except Banner Hosting), there will be a one-time setup fee of $500.

Co-located Non-WVNET Servers 
Large Systems (i.e., stand alone Unix Systems)
Electricity, UPS, Space, basic support, 1MB bandwidth (if additional bandwidth is needed, cost will be adjusted accordingly)
$25/ft2 per month
Small Systems (i.e., Windows or Linux Servers)
Installed in WVNET Rack Space
Rack mounted PC$400/year per 1U

Systems and Operational Support for Co-Located Servers

Includes operating system support and 24-hr operational monitoring. Co-location charge (above) also required.

Large Systemscosts based on resources required
Small Systems (Windows or Linux)$1,000/year
Linux Server Hosting (WVNET Equipment)costs based on resources required
Application Hosting (WVNET Equipment)costs based on resources required
Virtual Machinesminimum cost $53.12/month per VM

The minimum cost includes 1 CPU, 1GB RAM and 50GB of storage. However, the cost will vary based on the number of CPUs, how many GBs of memory and how many GBs of storage requested (see “Virtual Machine Pricing Table” below). These costs do not include operating system and additional software license costs that may be required.

Banner Database Hosting$72,488

Includes hardware, DBA and systems support, backups, software installation and maintenance, and web forms for standard licensed modules. If not a standard licensed module, additional charges will apply. Call us to discuss requirements and pricing.

Virtual Machine Pricing Table

vCPUsvRAM (GB)Storage (GB)Price/month (USD)Price/year (USD)

If there is a configuration you would like but don’t see on the chart above, please send us a message or call 304-293-5192 ext. 258 and we will calculate the cost based on your custom requirements.


Consulting Costs per Hour

Pricing will vary based on the resources required, time involved, and the complexity of the task; final price will be agreed upon before work commences.

Banner Application Support$85.00-$170
Database Support$85.00-$170
Functional Consulting$85.00-$170
Network Support$85.00-$170
Programming Development$85.00-$170
Systems Support$85.00-$170

Consulting services can cover needs like installation, troubleshooting, performance analysis, development, reporting, and other  services as arranged.

Support for Linux-related issues arising when OS installation is done by campus staff will be billed at the normal systems consulting rates.


Training Costs include preparation time, instructional time, and materials when presented by WVNET staff members. Training by  outside professionals will be at best negotiated market rates.
WV Higher Education Institutions
Central Office
$1000/day for up to 10 people
+ $100.00 per additional person not to exceed 15
State Agencies, Non-Profit Agencies, or WVNET Partners
$1250/day for up to 10 people
+ $125.00 per additional person not to exceed 15
Travel Costs
Additional costs will be reimbursed to WVNET for mileage, meals and lodging. These costs will not exceed current state limits for  consulting and training.

Other Services

Other software installationAvailable on request at previously listed consulting fees.
SAN Storage$2400/year per TB
SAN Storage Replicationadditional $2400/year per TB
Backup of SAN Storage$600/year per TB
Online Storage

  • Requires other hosted or co-located service at WVNET

  • MUST be purchased in 50GB increments

$10/month per 50GB
PLAD - Professional Learning and Development System$2,040/year

Contracts, Electronic Bids Management and More Information

Please contact us for more information or to discuss services not shown in this Schedule of Rates.
Electronic Bids Management (oneTAP) – $1,000/year

WVNET’s oneTAP Electronic Bid Management System provides an online location
for the following:

  • Posting of your RFPs and RFBs
  • Vendors will have the ability to view your requests and submit bids
    electronically by uploading them to the application
  • Storage of bids in a protected location that cannot be accessed by anyone
  • Ability to examine the bids on the bid opening date and update your request
    to show the winner
  • Includes indefinite storage of all documents related to the request/bid process


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