Our dedicated developers and UI/UX experts can work with you on your website design, development, or website support needs. We can assist your organization or institution in creating a new site or simply helping you manage your current website.

Our Services

Custom Website Design & Development

With over 20 years of experience in the web design and development field, WVNET’s developers incorporate industry-standard best practices that are W3C compliant and meet WCAG and ADA Section 508 Accessibility requirements.

Web Support Services – Consulting services and support for your website’s maintenance, troubleshooting, planning, etc.

  • Hourly Web Support Services – $125/hour for website support
    Billed monthly if support is provided during that month; there is no monthly charge if no support was provided.
  • Annual Web Support Service Agreement – $2400
    Up to 25 hours of website support per year; billed quarterly.

ADA Compliance Services

  • ADA Section 508 compliance audit at $100/page
  • Accessibility compliance remediation – Consulting services to help you get your website compliant with ADA Section 508 requirements. Contact us for an estimate.

HTML or other CMS to WordPress Conversion

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We’d love to help you with your web project or website support request! Before we can accurately assist you, we need to get some preliminarily information to help us understand what you need. Please fill out the following form to give us some more details.

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NOTE: Hourly consulting fees start at $125/hour. Expect any new web development project to take a minimum of 20 hours. Support requests for existing sites can vary depending on the assistance required. Web support can be provided on an as-needed basis or with a support agreement for a flat annual fee. Please refer to our schedule of rates for current pricing.
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