Listserv Discussion Lists

Do you need to have an on-going email discussion with a group of people, where each person’s comments are sent to every person in the group? You could do this with a long list of addresses in your email, but there is a much easier way. L-Soft’s LISTSERV® software manages all aspects of your email group including subscriptions, distributions and more. Please refer to our schedule of rates for information on LISTSERV® pricing.

Designing your List

Some things to think about before you request a new list:

Usefulness: There are different types of lists. Announcement lists may allow only one or two users to post to the list. Discussion lists will allow all the list subscribers to post to the list. Discussion lists can be public (anyone can subscribe) or private (only the owner of the list can subscribe users to the list).

Listname: The listname is used by the subscribers to send mail to the list. A listname of more than 20 characters is not practical. Users need something meaningful and easy to remember. We request that all listnames end in “-L”. Mail sent to the list will be addressed to ““.

List Description: The list description is used to document the purpose of the list. This may come in handy if users get off topic. A list description is required.

List Owners: At least one list owner is required and at least one owner must be a WVNET affiliate. List owners are responsible for managing the list (e.g. handling questions, problem subscriptions, etc). It is the list owner’s responsibility to keep a valid email address as the owner. Any list without a valid owner’s email address will be removed.

Archiving: Archiving saves a copy of every piece of mail for later review.

List Management Resources

Help for Subscriber’s Corner – Manage your list subscriptions on this server.

Online Mailing List Archives – Browse the archives of public lists on this server.

Archive Search – Search through multiple lists’ archives at the same time.

Request a New List

Delete an Existing List

LISTSERV® Resources and Documentation

CataList – Search for a list of interest with the official catalog of public LISTSERV® lists.

See the LISTSERV Manuals for complete documentation

LISTSERV information – General information about L-Soft’s LISTSERV® software