Professional Learning and Development (PLAD)

WVNET is proud to introduce our newest software innovation, the Professional Learning and Development system. PLAD helps take the paperwork out of tracking personal training hours. Our simple and effective interface ensures that teachers and staff can quickly enter their training hours, and administrators can audit and approve training with ease. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that goes hand in hand with your current training practices and doesn’t get in the way. When logging in, staff are greeted with a notice of the hours they have accrued for the school year as well as a summary…

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WVNET Significant Accomplishments 2017

2017 was a challenging year for education and government in West Virginia. State budget issues lead to cutbacks and uncertainties, which caused some of WVNET’s staff to move on to other employment opportunities. Despite the hardships WVNET persevered, on behalf of our customers, to keep all of our services available at a high level of quality. As we look back on 2017, we have plenty of accomplishments to show for our hard work. Here are some of the noteworthy things we did last year in our mission to enhance education through technology while saving you money. Thanks to a contract…

WVNET Significant Accomplishments 2016

At a time when the budget is tight and you need to stretch every dollar, it’s good to know there is a place that accomplishes a lot with modest resources. That place is WVNET! We are able to deliver quality work with

WVNET Partners with URcast

West Virginia Network, which is a branch of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, recently announced it has partnered with URcast to provide access to learning content for K-12 students throughout West Virginia without Internet connections. URcast is a content distribution application customized for K -12 students, according to the HEPC, and it provides caching services that allow students to view content on computers, tablets or smartphones even without an Internet connection.The process reallocates bandwidth and puts a caching server within the school. “Caching speeds up student Internet access so classroom time is learning time, not waiting time,” said…

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