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WVNET provides technical support for our customers 24 x 7 x 365. You may call at any time to report a problem and ask for assistance. In some cases you may be able to find an answer to your question in these on-line information pages. Our goal is to solve your problem and get you back to computing in a timely and friendly manner.




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Modem Help

Modem Help

Basic Configuration Information

  1. Username: Check the documentation you received when you got your account.
    • To connect to WVNET your user id must be follwed by @wvnet.(ex: abc123@wvnet)
  2. Password: Check the documentation you received when you got your account.

Phone Number(s) to connect to WVNET:

Other Account Information

LINUX Users Note: WVNET does not currently have a page devoted to LINUX; however, listed on this page you will find WVNET’s Basic Configuration Information. Feel free to contact the Help Desk should you have any questions regarding connecting to the Internet. Video Game Consoles: Instructions for connecting to the World Wide Web with your Video Game Console, such as Sega Dreamcast or Sony Playstation can be usually be found on the manufacturer’s Web site. Download their instruction manual and apply the information you received when you received your account.

Modem Problems? Edit

These tips and links have proven useful in investigating problems which may be related to your modem. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Busy Signals

Customers receiving busy signals when dialing either the toll-free “500” number or one of the new local access numbers should report this to the WVNET Help Desk. Make note of the time of day and the number being dialed. Note also whether it was a “fast busy” or a “slow busy” signal. A fast busy indicates that a trunk line carrying the calls is completely full. A slow busy usually indicates a problem with the modem pool.

Helpful Modem links:

  • US Robotics v.92 Support Link This link is very helpful for the US Robotic modems that we have problems with. It explains about V.92 and how you can disable some of the V.92 features. We found that disabling the Quick connect with modem init string AT+PQC=3 works in most cases.
  • Driver Zone

Modem Troubleshooting – Error Messages and Fixes for Windows operating systems:

***IMPORTANT*** Before you try any of these steps please make sure your modem drivers are up-to-date. If your computer is still under warranty please contact the computer’s manufacturer for help with your modem problems.

Some Windows error messages and fixes that might be helpful:

618 – Port is already open
(Reboot and make sure that no other programs are using your modem)
629 – The port was disconnected by remote computer. ;
  • Check the username and password
  • Check the dial up settings If IPX/SPX or NETBEUI is checked and not TCP/IP, this would be the cause. (The only thing that needs to be checked is TCP/IP.)
630 – The port was disconnected due to hardware failure;
  • Shut down your computer for 10 sec and then start it back up
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the modem
638 – Request timeout
  • Reboot the computer
  • Check the dial up network settings
  • Create a new dial up
676 – Line is busy
  • Check the phone number you are dialing make sure you are dialing the correct number for your area
  • This includes if you should should dial a 9 to get an outside line
678 – There is no answer
  • Make sure you are dialing the correct number for your area
  • Can you hear a “handshake?”
  • If you have call waiting and would like it turned off while you are online, make sure you have;*,70 before the phone number
  • Check to see if you have a dial tone on the phone line
  • Check to see if you have the phone line plugged into the line side of the modem
  • Make sure the phone line is plugged into the line side of the modem
  • Check to make sure you have selected the correct modem in the dial-up
  • Make sure you have @wvnet after your username
  • Make sure that logon to network is not checked in the dial-up properties
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Go to My Computer > Dial-Up Networking
  • Right click on your connection icon and select Properties.
  • Click on the Configure button at the bottom of that screen.
  • Then click on the Connection tab.
  • Then click on the Advanced button.
  • You will see an extra settings box on this screen. This is where you can put the init string.
679 – Cannot detect carrier
680 – There is no dial tone
691 – Access denied because of username and/or password is invalid.
718 – PPP timeout Rockwell/Context Modems
We have found out that Rockwell/Conxent modems have problems connecting and need an init string. Below are some of the init strings we use with these modems. +ms=v34 +ms=v90 Another known solution is putting 3 commas after the phone number. (example 15006998638,,,)

Dial-up Telephone Number(s) for non-Frontier customers Edit

The new telephone number for accessing WVNET’s Internet dialup modems is a special in-state “533” toll-free number: 1-533-699-8638 (1-533-MY WVNET). Because this new, toll-free “533” number is a service of Frontier (formerly Verizon), it is not going to be recognized as toll-free if your local telephone service is through another independent provider or if you live outside of West Virginia. For these special users, we are creating dialup numbers through which they’ll be able to locally access the new service. Note also that, because the “533” toll-free area code is relatively new, it may not be properly handled by some hotel or institutional PBXs, and you may inadvertently be charged long-distance rates for the telephone call. Frontier has made efforts to notify PBX users of the new toll-free service, but it is the responsibility of the PBX owners to make the necessary changes.
As one of our terms of service, WVNET does not assume the liability for any long-distance charges that a customer may incur by accessing our service.

WVNET Local Access Numbers

City Local Access Number
Athens 384-8860
Beckley 252-3048
Bluefield 324-0551
Charleston 347-4390
Clarksburg 622-2508
Clendenin 548-8129
Elkins 636-2669
Fairmont 368-1455
Franklin 358-2147
Glenville 462-8343
Huntington 697-7751
Keyser 788-2977
Lewisburg 645-5322
Martinsburg (Shepherd University users dial this number) 263-4169
Montgomery 442-5846
Morgantown 292-7132
New Martinsville 455-5009
Parkersburg 420-1099
Pennsboro 659-2177
Petersburg 257-5094
Philippi 457-3141
Point Pleasant 675-8729
Ripley 372-5937
Rowlesburg 454-2072
Saulsville 294-6503
Spencer 927-3060
Summersville 872-4642
Terra Alta 789-2470
Weirton 748-4434
West Liberty 336-7011
Wheeling 233-7033
Williamson 235-2729
You should thoroughly read and understand the information on this page — the “fine print,” which spells out the rules and payment guidelines to which a WVNET account subscriber must adhere.
The WVNET dialup Internet service is intended to be as cost-effective, non-bureaucratic and user-friendly as possible. It is an unmeasured service with a fixed cost of $16.95 per month, rather than a measured service where you pay by the minute or by the hour. However, the unmeasured nature of the service imposes requirements for users to be reasonable and courteous.

Terms and Conditions

  To receive an account, you must agree to abide by WVNET’s policies and guidelines related to computer use (see below), your local campus computing policies, applicable network (Internet, etc.) usage guidelines, and state and federal laws regarding computer abuse.
  • You are expected to exercise responsible, ethical behavior when using WVNET’s computers, information, networks or resources.
  • You are expected not to share your account with others since accounts are priced for individual use.
  • You can only have one account. If you have a suspended account, you must have it reinstated rather than getting a new account.
Violations may result in loss of access privileges, requirements for restitution, suspension or expulsion from school, civil fines and/or judgements, and/or referral to law enforcement agencies for criminal prosecution. WVNET exercises no control over the information available on the Internet.  

Payment Guidelines

  The WVNET Internet service is a monthly subscription service with a flat fee, payable in advance on the first of each month.

When is my first payment due?

• If you sign up between the 1st and 15th of a month:
Your first payment will be for that month and will be due on or before the 25th of that month.
• If you sign up on or after the 16th of a month:
Your first payment will be due on the 1st of the following month.
• All payments will be due on the first day of each month thereafter.

How do I pay?

There are three ways to pay:
• Credit card:
We currently accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Automatic deduction will take place on or about the first of each month and will assure continuity of service. Download a printable version of a form with which you can sign up to pay your bill with your credit card.
• Check:
You will not be billed; you will be provided with payment coupons to include with your check.Checks must be exactly $16.95 (or multiples thereof).Payment is due in advance on the 1st of the month. You can pay for several months with one check by including the corresponding coupons. Make Checks Payable to WVNET and Send to: WVNET P.O. Box 3188 Charleston WV 25332-3188
• Automatic debit:
You can pay your monthly $16.95 WVNET Internet dialup account fee through automatic debit to your checking account on the 5th of each month. To sign up, download this printable version of our authorization form , fill it out, attach a voided check, and mail to:WVNET ATTN: Phil Snitz 837 Chestnut Ridge Road Morgantown WV 26505 When we receive it, we will set up your account in our billing database to deduct $16.95 a month from your checking account. This amount will be deducted automatically on the fifth of every month (or the following Monday if it falls on a weekend). To give us time to set up the database, we must receive your authorization form and voided check by the fifteenth of the month for your debit payments to begin on the fifth of the following month. For example, if you would like to start this in July, we will need to receive your form and check by June fifteenth. If you ever need to cancel your account, please notify us by the first of the month so we can get your account information out of our database before it is processed.

Questions or Changes Related to Payment

If you have any questions, or if you need to make any changes in your account payment, please call us at: 1-800-253-1558 ext. 258 or 253 or send E-mail to: Phil Snitz – or Libby Cress –

How are late payments handled?

Any overdue account will be suspended until payment is received. Payments for overdue accounts received before the 25th will reinstate the account and will pay for the current month.

Can I stop my subscription?

You should not stop and restart the service for short periods of time, such as during holiday breaks. However, if you are a student, you may want to stop the service in May and restart it in August for summer break. Students who pay via automatic deduction and who wish to suspend their account for the summer must contact the WVNET central site to have their automatic deduction suspended for the summer. Students who pay by check and who wish to suspend their account for the summer may do so by not paying for the months they do not wish to use the account.

Can I get a refund?

We are sorry, due to the way the payments are processed, WVNET does not offer refunds.

To contact the WVNET Business Office staff:

Send an e-mail to our department, or write, phone, or Fax:
WVNET Business Office 837 Chestnut Ridge Road Morgantown WV 26505 USA Phone: (304) 293-5192, ext. 253, 256, 258 or 283 Fax: (304) 293-2481

About our Dial-Up Internet Service

  The WVNET dial-up Internet service is intended to support the missions and goals of higher education, public education, libraries, and state and local government. These missions and goals include education, research, administration, community service and economic development. The service itself emphasizes only Internet access. Actual services, such as e-mail, news feeds, etc., should be provided by either campus computer centers, libraries, public education, state government, or by a commercial Internet provider.
Note: WVNET has no control over material available on the Internet.

The Background

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded to WVNET a grant to improve Internet access at each of the sixteen public colleges and universities in West Virginia. The grant funds faster phone lines between the schools and WVNET, as well as associated routers and communications equipment. As a cost share to the grant, WVNET has installed dialup Internet access at each of the campuses. Some schools also have multiple campuses supported by WVNET. Please refer to our list of state college and university sites providing dialup access.

Account Details

  • $16.95 per month
  • Unlimited usage
  • Up to 4 e-mail accounts (note that some schools administer their own e-mail accounts)
  • 4MB personal Web space
  • Statewide Local Access (1-533-My-WVNET)
  • Pay with check, credit card, automatic debit
Please read WVNET’s Budget & Accounting information on Terms and Payment Guidelines.
WVNET’s dial-up services allow access to both WVNET and the Internet.
TCP/IP addresses are “dynamically allocated,” meaning that your Internet address is likely to be different each time that you log on. Dynamically assigned IP addresses make it impractical for you to set up your personal computer as a permanent server for FTP or World Wide Web access. We recommend that you sign up for a WVNET enhanced Web Hosting package for those purposes. Please contact us for more information about WVNET’s Web Hosting packages.

Electronic Mail (e-mail)

WVNET offers “POP3 mail service.” This provides you with a permanent electronic mail address from which you can send and receive mail. You should either obtain electronic mail access through your local institution, or you should request POP3 mail capability when you apply for a WVNET Internet modem access account.
Note: If you do request POP3 mail capability on, it takes approximately one hour to process the request.
See E-mail @ WVNET for more information regarding obtaining and setting up email accounts.

WVNET’s Policy Regarding Computer Abuse

  Computer users must practice ethical behavior in their computing activities. Users of this service are subject to the WVNET Computer Abuse Policy, their local campus computing policies, applicable network (i.e., SURAnet and NSFnet) usage guidelines, as well as state and federal laws regarding computer abuse. The WVNET Computer Abuse Policy covers the following six areas:
  • Privacy
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Copyright issues
  • Harassment
  • Miscellaneous actions of any sort which inappropriately interfere with the normal computer and network operations.
Abuse may result in the loss of access privileges, requirements for restitution, suspension or expulsion from school, civil fines and/or judgments, and/or referral to law enforcement agencies for criminal prosecution. Please contact the Help Desk (304)293-5192 if you have questions or concerns regarding computer abuse.

Getting an Internet Dial-up Account

  You may obtain a modem account by contacting the WVNET Help Desk at 304-293-5192. You will receive an account user id and password which will be ready for immediate use. This account will continue to be available only if payment is received in a timely manner.
E-Mail Help
We provide Email services for dial-up modem account holders and participating institutions throughout West Virginia. You can either obtain e-mail access through your local institution, or by requesting POP3 mail capability when you apply for a WVNET Internet modem access account. Some institutions such as WVU and Marshall* provide e-mail accounts using their own mail server and do not use WVNET.  If you request POP3 mail capability at it will be ready in approximately 24 hours. For information on obtaining a K-12 e-mail account, please click K-12 E-mail on menu. * Note that some schools (i.e., WVU, WVU at Parkersburg and Marshall) maintain their own e-mail servers. Information needed to access those e-mail accounts and service-related technical support must be obtained from the Technical Support menu item
  1. Enter your userid.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Enter your new password. Passwords should be entered in lowercase. Only alphanumeric characters are permitted (e.g. a-z, 0-9). Spaces are not allowed.
  4. Verify your new password by entering it again.
Password Change Procedure
1. Userid:
2. Old Password:
3. New Password:
4. Verify Password:
Use this form to set a mail forwarding address for your account. You must specify a value for all items listed below. The userid must be valid and match the userid portion of your e-mail address. For example, if your e-mail address is then your userid is "myid". The forward-to e-mail address must be fully qualified (e.g. The mail forwarding setting takes place immediately. To disable forwarding leave the Forward-To address blank.
Mail Forwarding Procedure
1. Userid:
2. Password:
3. Forward-To Address:

K-12 e-mail account contacts

Contact: Bob McCoy West Virginia Department of Education Building 6, Room 346 1900 Kanawha Blvd. East Charleston, West Virginia 25305-0330 phone: (304) 558-0304