Chevee Dodd

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Project Manager – IT and Application Development

Born in Fairmont, Chevee joined United States Marine Corps right out of high school.  After his service he got an AA in Information Technology in 2013 and worked in K-12 for 8 years as a part of RESA7 providing IT, Network Admin, and Domain Admin services. While working here, he developed the Professional Learning and Development (PLAD) application for K-12 staff to track their required learning hours.  Chevee joined WVNET in 2018 as a software developer and brought his experience from K-12 to work on developing and improving several educational applications. He developed applications that streamlined nursing student’s assignment process. He worked on the front end and improvising several applications including PLAD, OZ, PSTachio, Card, AMS, WVCN. From summer 2020, he has been managing WVNET’s OZ problem tracking application.

Chevee likes working at WVNET as it is an exciting and challenging environment that allows him to hone his skills on an expansive set of projects.  Chevee says WVNET is in a unique position to offer a wide range of services and solutions to higher ed, K-12, state, and local government.

Chevee lives in Fairmont with his partner Melia and dog DJ. He enjoys reading, making furniture, designing, and playing games with his friends and family (Including his two-daughter aged 12 and 16).

WVNET thanks Chevee for his service and hopes the applications he develops at WVNET can help improve educational institutions in our state.

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