Chris Freeman

Chris Freeman

Telecommunications Specialist

“Who is Chris Freeman? you might jest.
Chris embodies the skills and expertise
reminiscent of a small breed of modern-day
renaissance technicians.”

Above, in quotations, is a joke. Maybe before your time.

Since December 1998, Chris has been an integral part of the WVNET Telecommunications Department. Initially stepping in as the primary field technician, Chris has journeyed to every county courthouse and college campus that WVNET has ever supported. His hands-on experience is vast: from installing modem chassis, routers, and switches to maintaining an array of communication equipment.

In his current capacity as the Telecommunications Specialist, Chris wears many hats. Not only does he install, remove, and maintain essential hardware and systems, but he also plays a pivotal role as the Data Center lead. Here, he extends his expertise to mentoring newer technicians, ensuring top-notch customer service, troubleshooting both in-house and on-site, managing phone systems, and addressing the diverse needs of the Data Center.

It’s worth noting that Chris took the lead in installing WVNET’s internal communication cabling—a testament to his hands-on involvement and dedication.

On the personal front, Chris has shared his life’s journey with Laura Freeman since their union in August 1996. Together, they have built a blended family, boasting five children and five grandchildren.

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