WVNET is proud to provide LISTSERV® service, the industry standard email list management software. This takes the hassle out of your email communication by managing all of your subscriptions, sign-offs, and bounces with email best practices. Management can be done from a web browser or by issuing commands directly to the list through email, for both list owners and subscribers. WVNET also provides documentation and additional support through our OZ ticketing system, our Network Operation Center staff, and LISTSERV® administration staff for those difficult to resolve issues.


The pricing structure below is for each separate listserv®.
Initial Setup Fee$25 (one-time)
SubscribersCost (per year)
< 100Free
100 - 500$25
501 - 1000$50
1001 - 2500$75
2501 - 5000$100
> 5000$150
If you would like to create a LISTSERV® list or if you have any questions, please contact our Network Operations Center (NOC) at 304.293.5192 ext. 248 or
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