Customer Spotlight: Quality Matters at Glenville State College

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As part of spring prep week 2020, Glenville State College offered a face-to-face “Applying the Quality Matters Rubric” course.  Prior to the start of each semester, Glenville State College offers a prep week to ready and inspire its faculty. This was Glenville’s first time hosting a face-to-face Quality Matters (QM) workshop.  Dr. Roxann Humbert facilitated the four hour course.  Since joining in the summer of 2017, Glenville has embraced QM with over 60 percent of faculty completing a workshop. 

The workshop generated positive feedback from faculty.  They felt Dr. Humbert was an excellent and very knowledgeable facilitator.  They enjoyed the hands-on learning and the ability to get immediate feedback.  Glenville hopes to offer more face-to-face workshops in the future.

Panopto at Glenville State College

Panopto is a lecture capture and video management software used at Glenville State College for over two years.  It’s designed for both business and education purposes.  The product is fully integrated with Blackboard so there is no need for a separate login.  Faculty love the ease of use of the product and have made videos that give an online course the personal touch that students like.  The software transcribes videos, making them ADA compliant and searchable by keyword.  Faculty have the option of sharing just their screen and/or a video of themselves. 

This semester Glenville faculty will be using the product to compile lecture recordings within a live classroom.  This is helpful for many reasons, as it allows the faculty to upload the video to Blackboard and share it with students who may have missed the class or for those who would like to hear the information again. 

Product support with Panopto is also outstanding.  Glenville was assigned a representative who schedules monthly check-ins with the Online Program Services Coordinator. 

If you have any questions about this software feel free to email Robin Meadows at

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