Listserv Request

Submit this form to request your Listserv discussion list.

  • The listname is used by the subscribers to send mail to the list. A listname of more than 20 characters is not practical. Users need something meaningful and easy to remember. We request that all listnames end in “-L”.
  • A more formal title for the list that will appear in documentation.
  • Email addresses, comma-separated, of people who own the list. At least one list owner is required and at least one owner must be a WVNET affiliate. List owners are responsible for managing the list (e.g. handling questions, problem subscriptions, etc). It is the list owner’s responsibility to keep a valid email address as the owner. Any list without a valid owner’s email address will be removed.
  • Who may subscribe to the discussion list?
  • Default setting of the Reply-To tag in email. You can override this setting when replying.
  • Who is allow to obtain information about this discussion list?
  • Who may post to this list?
  • The comma-separated email addresses of people who will moderate posts, if moderation is activated.
  • A detailed description of the list.
    Archiving saves a copy of every piece of mail for later review.