WVU provides “TLC” for faculty and graduate students

West Virginia University’s Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) provides teaching support and resources for faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Their team uses an evidence-based approach that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

WVU Teaching and Learning Commons logo

WVU’s TLC works with campus partners to assist instructors in enhancing their teaching, both on campus and online, to deepen student learning. 

Since 2013, the WVU TLC has increased its spectrum of services to include consultations, workshops, on-demand resources, and annual events on a variety of topics aimed at empowering instructors.  Specifically, the WVU TLC offers course design/delivery services, classroom technology support, video/infographic assistance, and teaching practices peer support and learning communities.  The TLC Sandbox is a research and development initiative for faculty, GTAs, and staff to evaluate emerging technologies.  Showcase examples include experimental classroom space and the light board studio to develop instructional videos.

The WVU TLC invites you to come Celebrate with them (annually) with sessions designed to:

  • Enhance your teaching;
  • Showcase the latest instructional approaches and technologies;
  • Promote networking for research collaboration (especially as it relates to the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning);
  • Share examples of academic excellence (e.g., assessment, student success);
  • Encourage fun and energizing wellness activities.