Graphic of WVNET 2019 Accomplishments

WVNET Accomplishments for 2019

2019 was another year of restructuring, staff retiring and some employees moving on to the next adventure in their lives. But we still came out on top with 10 new employees to joining the WVNET team. Also, WVNET will be celebrating 45 years of service in 2020. Check out our blog for some history on WVNET throughout the years.

photo of Dr. Ritter and students in Zimbabwe

Bridge Valley Community College Leading the Way

When you think about innovative virtual international collaboration, one would not first think a small community college in West Virginia would be a major player. Since August 2019 Bridge Valley Community College in South Charleston and Montgomery has actively integrating virtual and cultural learners from all over the globe by utilizing Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). COIL is a relativity new pedagogical model that unites classrooms across geographical borders to form a virtual exchange program. Faculty teams up with faculty from various institutions around the globe to give students a multicultural classroom experience. Not only is it a multicultural experience,…

WVNET Welcomes New Director, Dr. Carl Powell

We are pleased to announce Dr. Carl Powell has embarked on his tenure as the 10th Director of the West Virginia Network. Dr. Powell comes to us with an extensive background in IT and Higher Education.  Please join us in welcoming Dr. Powell to West Virginia and the WVNET team.

WVNET Significant Accomplishments in 2018

2018 was a year of serious change for WVNET. Our management from the top down was restructured, some of our staff retired or moved on to other opportunities, and we adjusted our work flow a bit to better support our customers. With all of these changes creating some chaos, we still managed to accomplish a lot. Here is an overview of some things we did: WVNET Telecommunications played a major role in moving nearly all 55 West Virginia county courthouses to new circuits. The courthouses were paying a hefty price for internet access, and this change saved them thousands of…

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