Higher Education

WVNET Supports Public Universities, Private Institutions, and Community & Technical Colleges

The state of West Virginia is proud to be home to some of the nation’s most respected higher education institutions. By offering a number of essential services and unrivaled customer support, WVNET will collaborate with your institution to meet all of your needs, going above and beyond through our efforts to bring the very best network technologies to every client we serve.

By working closely with our higher education partners on a variety of technological endeavors, WVNET strives to build lasting relationships that will benefit the people of West Virginia. We work everyday to confront challenges and find trusted solutions that will help prepare our state’s institutions to face today’s ever-changing technological landscape.

To join the WVNET family of higher education partners, please contact us at wvnet@listerv.wvnet.edu or by calling 304.293.5192.