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OZ Tracking can help create and manage documents that describe every piece of work at your organization from first report to completion. So if you can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, OZ Tracking may be a solution.

  • Does your organization have many problems and tasks that need to be organized and completed?
  • Do you have numerous people working on different things and you need a way to coordinate what they are doing?
  • Do all your problems get resolved or do some fall through the cracks? Do you remember who did what, when, and how?
Customized OZ Problem Management System
Institution Setup$600
No. of SupportersMonthly Fee
1 - 5$100
6 - 15$150
16 - 25$200
26 - 50$250
51 - 99$300
> 100$300 + $2.00/supporter over 100


  • Gatekeeper is an easy way to enroll students to be identified by fingerprint. A quick swipe on a scanner will check a student in or out.
  • Your data is safe as Gatekeeper data is retained indefinitely and protected by our backup and disaster recovery procedures.
  • You can set up multiple user roles so you can set privileges to the level required by each person. Roles include view only, check in/check out, or administrative access

For information on pricing, please contact us at (304) 293-5192

PLAD (Professional Learning and Development)

PLAD helps take the paperwork out of tracking training hours. Our simple and effective interface ensures that teachers and staff can quickly enter their training hours, and administrators can audit and approve training with ease.

The cost for PLAD is $2,040/year. Please contact us (304) 293-5192 for more details


FormTrak is a web application tailored to health professionals giving them an easy-to-use interface to keep digital records of dietary forms and other protocols that otherwise might get lost in the shuffle. FormTrak can assist with the following:

  • Verifying that your patient’s forms have been submitted
  • Confirm when paperwork was sent to be initialed
  • Provide a digital timestamp verification solution

For information on pricing, please contact us at (304) 293-5192


PSTachio is a web application to track regional Public Service Training classes. You would be able to perform the following:

  • Track students, instructors, and other users, class enrollment and completion all on one site
  • Provide reports on a particular class, student, or instructor; an example would be a summary report showing enrollment numbers by department
  • Create certificates and CPR cards for students to mark their success

For information on pricing, please contact us at (304) 293-5192

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