Co-Location & Hosting Services

For all co-location and hosting services listed below (except Banner Hosting), there will be a one-time setup fee of $500.

Co-located Non-WVNET Servers
Large Systems (i.e., stand alone Unix Systems)
Electricity, UPS, Space, basic support, 1MB bandwidth (if additional bandwidth is needed, cost will be adjusted accordingly)
$25/ft2 per month
Small Systems (i.e., Windows or Linux Servers)
Installed in WVNET Rack Space
Rack mounted PC$400/year per 1U

Systems and Operational Support for Co-Located Servers

Includes operating system support and 24-hr operational monitoring. Co-location charge (above) also required.

Large Systemscosts based on resources required
Small Systems (Windows or Linux)$1,000/year
Linux Server Hosting (WVNET Equipment)costs based on resources required
Application Hosting (WVNET Equipment)costs based on resources required
Virtual Machinesminimum cost $53.12/month per VM

The minimum cost includes 1 CPU, 1GB RAM and 50GB of storage. However, the cost will vary based on the number of CPUs, how many GBs of memory and how many GBs of storage requested (see “Virtual Machine Pricing Table” below). These costs do not include operating system and additional software license costs that may be required.

Banner Database Hosting$72,488

Includes hardware, DBA and systems support, backups, software installation and maintenance, and web forms for standard licensed modules. If not a standard licensed module, additional charges will apply. Call us to discuss requirements and pricing.

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