Digital Learning Resource Packages

The following services can be integrated with a WVNET-hosted LMS:

MEDIAL (formerly known as HELIX Media Library)

MEDIAL is a streaming server that can easily be integrated with a WVNET-hosted LMS, web site or other application. A web-based interface provides the tools to upload your video and enhance it with other media and descriptive text. The streaming video can then be embedded in a web page or one of WVNET’s Learning Management Systems.


Big Blue Button is an open source web conferencing system that allows customers to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students. This provides the ability to record lectures, annotate a presentation, share your desktop for students to see, use VOIP for interactive discussions, integrate a web cam display and include uploaded documents.

The Digital Learning Resource Package includes 1TB of reliable network storage. Your videos are stored in WVNET’s secure data center. If your storage needs exceed 1TB, you can grow your storage allocation without any impact on your content or availability.

Digital Learning Resource Package$11,050/year
This package includes MEDIAL, Big Blue Button, and 1TB of storage.
MEDIAL + 1TB of storage$6,500/year
Big Blue Button + 1TB of storage$6,500/year

Big Blue Button may also be used as a stand-alone service independent of a WVNET-hosted LMS. See “Multimedia Conferencing” for more information.

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