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Ellucian removes the SOC worksheet, from its latest version of DegreeWorks

Remember SOC Worksheet? Ellucian has quietly removed the SOC (Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges) worksheet from DegreeWorks 5.0.3, which was released on December 20th. While DegreeWorks 5.0.3 contains a slew of enhancements and redesigns it also marks the end to several features.  In this announcement we take a look at those obsolete features. Stay tuned for more details about 5.0.3 as we prepare to upgrade our DegreeWorks hosted institutions in 2020. It’s the beginning of the end for these DegreeWorks features: With 5.0.3 Ellucian has dropped support for the following:   SOC WorksheetThe Department of Defense (DoD) announced the sunset of the Servicemembers…

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